When You Are Intimidated by Your Employee

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Intimated by your employee? Don’t be…
Intimidated by Your Employee

The goal of a good supervisor is to hire the best candidate possible for the available position, at least, that is the intent which does not always turn out to be the reality. As a human being with natural emotions, you may sometimes feel intimidated by an employee with exceptional talents but try not to allow that get to you. Understand that you, as the hiring manager are special because it was through your intuition and wealth of experience that you were able to make the call to hire that candidate.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to dim that employee’s light so that your light can be the best shining. It is okay to all shine together, in fact, that is what you should strive for because by having an your skills mix up with those of your employee, you create a synergistic effort for the greater good of your company as a whole.

If you have ever worried that your employee’s bright light would dim yours, you shouldn’t. The time to worry would be when you notice these signs (watch out for the next post on ways to know that your employee is gunning for your job!)

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