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How to Use Office Politics to Your Advantage

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The popular sentiment is to avoid office politics at all costs. But what happens when after you have done your very best, it still finds you? You should become proactive- learn to use office politics to your best advantage.

Four Tips on how to use office politics to your advantage

Office Politics in the Workplace

Using Office Politics to Your Advantage

  1. Find out the main protagonist: This person has to be one who is able to call the shots. You don’t have to pretend to be anything different from your personality just be friendly with this person. A warm greeting and quick conversation is all it should take. It keeps you present in the protagonist’s mind and with good feelings.
  2. Keep your ears open: The office grapevine can be both good and bad. Do not contribute to the grapevine in any way but by all means keep your ears wide open. Usually there is an element of truth to the grapevine. Don’t turn a deaf ear completely.
  3. Be on friendly terms with the office gossip: The office gossip usually knows more than you think they know-they earned that nickname and usually live up to it. By staying on friendly terms with this office gossip, you usually hear of things before they happen. The office gossip is not to be entirely discredited- their office chatter may help you avert a negative outcome.
  4. Be Lavish with your praise:  When it is deserved, share the praise. Do not at any time resort to flattery- people can usually see through that immediately and it is a turn-off. But when necessary, be very vocal in your praise to the recipient and behind the recipient- the office gossip/ grapevine would do their work in spreading your praise.

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