The Nurse “Complainer”

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Have you ever worked beside a nurse who complained a lot? This person complains about both things they have control over and those that they do not. There is nothing wrong in venting once in a while but if you are that person who complains all the time. Stop it!

Your co-workers are probably too kind to tell you but your constant complaining makes a long work day even longer. While it is true that there are sometimes reasons to complain,  remember to channel it the right route.

Constant complaining means that you are either so used to it or that you are miserable at that job. And why would anyone want to voluntarily spend a moment longer at a job that makes them miserable?

Here are five signs to watch out for to know if you are a constant complainer

  1. Your co-workers’ expression falls when they realize that they have to work with you on a shift
  2. You lately find yourself talking to an empty room because everyone finds an excuse to leave the room when you start
  3. People no longer join in the discussion with you- they have already heard the talk so many times
  4. People talk about you behind your back
  5. Your co-workers have a nick-name for you, something like Debbie-downer

If you are a constant complainer, find that one person that would listen to you or find another opportunity where you would be more happy. Chances are that by this time, your co-workers are overloaded and no longer want to hear your constant complaints.

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