The Business of HealthCare

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Healthcare these days is purely daylight robbery! Zero price standardization, markups everywhere. People do go broke simply from healthcare bills alone. Knowing this, wouldn’t one expect that business management would be taught in medical and nursing schools? Right? Wrong!

Healthcare management should not be left in the hands of executives to manage it- the front line staff need to understand the business behind it all. That way, it makes more sense to take only supplies that you will need into a patient’s room and not excess which then goes to waste.Business of Healthcare

It would help the physician understand that running all those unnecessary tests won’t make the patient heal faster any quicker but rather determine the test needed and run that.

It would help the tech understand that taking in different bags of briefs into a patient’s room for convenience hurts the bottom line when one exact brief for the patient would have sufficed.

It would help the nurse understand that all all that alcohol swabs, or is it the saline flushes helps no one when you stockpile it to be thrown away after the pt is discharged when a handful would have been sufficient.

It would help the respiratory therapist understand that taking in so many supplies of different sizes is NOT helpful to the patient when you could find the one you needed and then some!

It would help the phlebotomist understand that discarding all those unused text tubes never did any good and would come back to bite…on the bottom line.

Healthcare is expensive enough as it… curb wasteful practices!

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