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How to Work With Millennial Nurses in the Workplace

Millennial nurses get a lot of bad rep in the workplace sometimes through no fault of theirs.

Some of the criticism may be deserved and others not. But don’t throw millennial away with the bath water. There are still some awesome millennials out there- you just have to harness their strengths and try to overlook the weaknesses.

To Work With Millennials, you must do the following

  1. Speak their Language: You will easily get frustrated, if you try to work with millennials on your own terms. It won’t work- all you get in return is more headaches and poor job performance. Talk to your millennial nurses, find out what makes them tick and then position your job expectations around that- they give in more easily at best and at worst, it makes them more open minded in hearing you.
  2. Be Firm: Don’t make the mistake of being soft- millennials will walk all over you. Be gentle but firm. Always gently but firmly reiterate job expectations and stay consistent. Giving different answers to the same question is just an opening that your nurses need to run with.
  3. Curb the Enthusiasm: Millennial nurses a day out of nursing school believe that they know it all- they don’t and it is your duty to help them see that they don’t know what they don’t know. Encourage learning by all means but be firm in redirecting their overflowing energy in other ways.
  4. Ask Questions: Millennial nurses love to be center of attention, so to keep them engaged, be sure to ask questions. Millennial nurses will welcome any chance to have you get to know them. And you should welcome that opportunity as well. After all, the work place is supposed to be a growth environment- engagement keeps everyone growing.
Millennial Nurses

Working with millennial nurses can be as fun as you make it. Sure they might get some bad rap but they are a fun group to work with.

Share any helpful tips, that you have on working with millennial nurses.

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When Your Organization’s Culture is Dead

Many things happen when your organization’s culture is dead. A lack of culture precedes a lack of direction and dissatisfaction amongst your employees. This insidiously transfers itself to your clients.

A disengaged employee is far worse than anything you can imagine in the work place- they simply do not care about anything.

If you are a nurse leader and continue to be visible and keep a pulse on the culture of your organization, you have the advantage of being proactive and better able to manage crisis before they arise as opposed to a “leader” who only chases after and constantly tries to play catch up.

Work place culture

Work place culture

Five Helpful Tips to Tell When your Organization Culture is Dead

  • Your employees are disengaged
  • There is a palpable lack of trust
  • Teamwork suffers and it’s every man for himself/ herself
  • There is little to no culture
  • Ideas are lacking and no one cares
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