You Didn’t Get that Job You Wanted

Sometimes, the best interviews don’t always come back with positive responses. Everyone has been through this situation before, where the job they thought they did their best wasn’t offered to them. The interview went well, the interviewer’s seemed to like you, you liked them in return, from what you saw, you liked the work environment but you did not get the job.

It is perfectly okay to take a moment in having a pity party for your self and then picking yourself up and moving on. The problem lies not in having that pity party, but in not moving forward.

Look for other job opportunities that you think you might be suited for and even those you might not be. You never know but at least the interviewing sharpens your skills and you know what to or not look for.

Understandably, it is hard when you felt that you found the job of your dreams and that you could easily grow into only to not receive a positive response from the interviewer. It is their loss- you know what you bring to the table. Take it and move to another potential employer that would value and appreciate what you bring to the table.

Above all, don’t quit, keep moving- one foot at a time, you will soon find the perfect job fit for you and what you went through to get there, would be distant memory.