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Millennial Nurses are often Misunderstood

Millennial nurses are often misunderstood. They have had much said about them from previous generations but when you really stop to think about, millennial nurses HAVE been misunderstoodMillennial Nurses

Seven Ways you Misunderstand Millennial Nurses

  • They ask questions: In previous generation of nurses, it was always the common thing to do what you are asked, with no questions asked. Not so, millennials! They want to understand the “why” of what they are doing. Makes more sense that way!
  • They want more from employers: Millennial nurses understand that they owe their best work to their employers, and for that, they expect more from their employers to give their best work. None of the martyr for these nurses.
  • They are not afraid to change jobs: If one job is not working, millennial nurses will not hesitate to change jobs. They know that employers are at will and hence no loyalty is owed.
  • They are innovative: Millennial nurses are quick thinkers and innovative. They think up more ways of doing things faster and effectively than in by-gone days. Millennial nurses do not buy into, “this is how we have always done”. They question (see 1 above) why things cannot be done differently, if the way it has always been done is not working.
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Letter from a Burned-Out Nurse

Dear MNC,

I have only been a registered nurse for one year but I am already burned out by the profession. The constant drama filled situations with other nurses.

-The constant negativity and need to tear each other down

-Management not having your back and ready to throw you under the bus if it would achieve a goal for them. “Friends” looking for a way to tear you down and the ungodly night shift hours. I am so done but feel completely depressed because I don’t know where to turn to now?

I am still young enough (23 years) that I can go back to school and choose another career, but I just feel that means I wasted the years and time spent on nursing.

What do I do?


Depressed Nurse


Letter from a burned-out nurse

Dear Depressed Nurse,

Your letter leaves out some much needed answers but will try to respond as best as possible to your note.

Burn out can happen to anyone and the key is to quickly recognize it and find a solution before it consumes you, which you did!

But before you completely give up on the profession, I would suggest, if you haven’t already done so, to try a different specialty from what you are currently doing. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak to gain new energy.

Find a hobby outside of work to channel yourself and have something fun to look forward. At the end of it all, if you have done all this and still feel that nursing is not the profession for  you, then you will feel better for having given it a chance.

Best of Luck to you!



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When it is ever okay to discuss pay?

When is it ever okay to discuss pay? The norm has always been to be quiet on pay and not discuss it. Human resource (HR) frowns terribly upon discussing pay among colleagues , but is it really all bad?

Here are pros and cons of discussing pay

  1. Knowledge is Power– The more information you have, the better able you are to negotiate. If you don’t know then you cannot ask for what you rightly deserve
  2. Motivating Factor– For most people, having information is one way to jump start them on what they need to do, which is one of two options- either remain where they are or go somewhere else to get better payDiscussing pay
  3. It eliminates Discrimination/Unfair Practices– if everyone knows everyone’s pay, it makes it harder to discriminate and pay different rates to different people for the same skills/experiences or jobs.

The cons

  1. Jealousy/Competition– Not everyone has the same level or years of experience which are often times factored into the pay scale. So discussing pay can bring up these emotions which may make the work place a bit tedious.
  2. Less Productivity: if workers are focused on what others make, it may lead to jealousy above causing loss in productivity as the workers may feel slighted and less inclined to perform

It is beneficial discussing pay when you are from different geographical areas or work places. It is very helpful to people who have plans of moving or simply want to make a comparison going forward.

As a parting word, at all times, make sure that what you earn is what you deserve (or more) for the skills/experiences that you provide.

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All Nurses Want- R.E.S.P.E.C.T

All nurses want is R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Nursing is one profession that capable adults are treated as immature children

You don’t respect nurses when you do the following

  1. Don’t acknowledge that nurses have a life outside of work, otherwise why would you schedule an educational meeting on a one time basis without considering the need for different shifts
  2. Not ask for input/feedback when making policy changes that will affect the lives of these capable adults
  3. When you send out missives and enact immediate punishment for alleged offences without conducting a thorough investigation
  4. When you dictate to nurses without trying to generate inclusion and buy in

Here are things that nurses need

  • Nurses need to be heard
  • Nurses need to feel they matter
  • Nurses need a seat at the table
  • Nurses need R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Nurses are capable adults and respect should be something accorded to all groups of people. We should generallybe more mindful and respectful of each others skills, capabilities and in general as human beings!All Nurses Want- R.E.S.P.E.C.T

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Nursing is Hard…

“Nursing is hard” is a popular mantra that you hear constantly and if you are a new nurse, you almost allow your self to be brainwashed by it. Don’t be!

Yes, nursing does have its difficult days but then, so does every other profession.

The importance you attach to a statement determines how you respond to it. It may be argued that because nursing has added implication of dealing with people’s lives, this makes it hard. But that is exactly what you went to to school to be trained for and why you continue to update your skills on a daily basis.

Don’t let “nursing is hard” school of thought rob you of the joy that is nursing. Find little ways that are important to you to rejuvenate yourself daily and when you are away from work, BE away from work. The work will be there when you get back.

Nursing is not a field of martyrs as some people might make it out to seem- it is a respected profession as has been shown time and again by the public’s vote of trust.

Nursing is a profession which like any other profession has its difficult days. But you should be careful not to let the difficult days overshadow the beautiful days.Nursing is hard

Let’s keep things in perspective.

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