When Your Organization’s Culture is Dead

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Many things happen when your organization’s culture is dead. A lack of culture precedes a lack of direction and dissatisfaction amongst your employees. This insidiously transfers itself to your clients.

A disengaged employee is far worse than anything you can imagine in the work place- they simply do not care about anything.

If you are a nurse leader and continue to be visible and keep a pulse on the culture of your organization, you have the advantage of being proactive and better able to manage crisis before they arise as opposed to a “leader” who only chases after and constantly tries to play catch up.

Work place culture

Work place culture

Five Helpful Tips to Tell When your Organization Culture is Dead

  • Your employees are disengaged
  • There is a palpable lack of trust
  • Teamwork suffers and it’s every man for himself/ herself
  • There is little to no culture
  • Ideas are lacking and no one cares

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