I hate my offer Letter!

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Hello MNC,

I hate my offer letter and need ideas on negotiating. I  recently decided to make a job change for various reasons.

I got interviewed at a hospital that I really want to work at. The interview went well and I received an offer letter from this hospital.

My problem is that I hate my offer letter! I like the hospital and I am going to be working on my specialty unit which are both bonuses. But I cannot seem to get over the offer they made me.

I am not a novice nurse by any means and I feel that I should be paid more. What should I do?

Annoyed Nurse

Annoyed Nurse,

Congratulations on getting the job! It can be very frustrating when we are not paid our worth. If you have not formally accepted the offer letter, you may request to speak with either your hiring manager or HR to find out what the offer was based on (experience/ years of nursing/ or standard hospital rate).

This is your story, so present it well. You alone know your experiences and what you would bring to the team, so sell it well.

If you have not done so already, ask about differentials, bonuses to see if there was a way to possibly bring up the offer amount that would be better acceptable to you.

Do not settle though because if you feel this way now, you would feel even worse after you accept it and may not bring your best self to the job.

Please keep me informed on what you do decide.

Good Luck,


My Nurse Consultant

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