Frustrated New Mommy: Nursing vs Childcare

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Hello MNC,

I recently became a new mommy and am loving it. But I am faced with a dilemma!My husband works a 9-5 job and I work 8 hour day-shift as well, so we discussed childcare.

I checked out some daycares and it cost about 500 dollars per week where we live!!! I am in shock! I love my job and don’t want to quit but it is beginning to look like that is what I am going to have to do, which makes me very sad.

Do you have any suggestions in making childcare work without me having to quit my job?

Frustrated New Mommy

Dear New Mommy,

Congratulations on your new baby! That is such an exciting time for your family:). Sadly, childcare costs is a real deterrent to working mommies and it should not be.

Here are some questions to help you brainstorm some ideas-

Do you have trustworthy friends or relatives who live nearby and want to make a buck?

Could you switch to 12 hour shifts instead?

Is it possible to get together with fellow mommies where you live?

Does you place of work have any benefits for child care?

I am also going to share this and see what other suggestions are out there.

Be sure who ever does take care of your baby is CPR trained.

Good Luck,



My Nurse Consultant

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