Nursing Student, You Can Still Have Social Life

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Common MisconceptionAs a nurse, a nursing student or family member of either, you have probably heard the comment about no longer having a social life. Relax, that is not true and has never been true. As a nursing student, you DO still have a social life much of it is dependent on how organized you plan your life. I am going to share some helpful tips for that nursing student to find and have a social life.

Things you will need are an organizer  or daily planner and something to write with. And if you are the visual kind of person, get yourself a white board!

Three Tips on getting organized and having a social life in Nursing School

  1. Schedule events ahead of time- There is something about pre-planning that puts your mind at rest. if you know that you have already scheduled it, nature helps you find a way to make out time for that event.
  2. Study Ahead of Time:  Be proactive. At the same of nursing school, you already have a heads-up about your class schedule, tests and activities. Don’t wait till last minute before you begin studying, it only adds stress and panic to you.
  3. Be protective of your time: Use the Pareto Principle here. Concentrate 20% of your time on the most important things that would result in 80% productivity. Don’t spread yourself thin doing so many little tasks that amount to little or nothing. Focus on the three most important!

So nursing student, you can still have a social life. Just plan ahead and focus on the tasks that matter!

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