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Nursing is Not a Calling

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Nursing is not a calling…at least not for everyone. Too often we see nurses disrespect or look down on other nurses because they do not consider it a calling for them.

For some people, nursing is a calling but for others, it is simply a job. And one that they  do well to earn a living or a career at best. There is simply no need to look down on another or feel superior to them.

We should live and let live! The thing to concern yourself (if at all you need to), is whether or not they are doing a good job in giving personalized and effective care to their patients. Anything else is just drama!

As nurses, we deal with enough already without needing to put obstacles in another’s way or making them seem less than they should.

Let’s be proactive in cheering on each other.

Let’s seek for other’s positive points.

Let’s be more cohesive.

Let’s be humane nurses.

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