Nursing as a Respected Profession

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Nursing is often touted as one of the most trusted professions and it is and that is a great accolade . But are you respected?To become respected in nursing, the training has to become standardized.

There are so many avenues to get into the nursing profession that it takes away from the message that is being shared.

A two-year nurse vs a one-year nurse vs a 4-year nurse are all under the umbrella of nursing, but what about the education and training. How standardized is that?

Not to mention that online vs in-class lectures. Not to say that one is better than the other because after all, people do have different ways of learning but it has to become standardized. Forget country-wide, how about state-wide and make the classes transferable from school to school. 

To become a respected profession, nursing has to show that regardless of what school one chooses to attend, that the curriculum remains the same and the standard of education and learning is the same.

The Nursing profession as a whole, should build esteem for nurses ensuring that the general public know this and understand that nurses are professionals and educated thus way.

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