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Millennial Nurses are often Misunderstood

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Millennial nurses are often misunderstood. They have had much said about them from previous generations but when you really stop to think about, millennial nurses HAVE been misunderstoodMillennial Nurses

Seven Ways you Misunderstand Millennial Nurses

  • They ask questions: In previous generation of nurses, it was always the common thing to do what you are asked, with no questions asked. Not so, millennials! They want to understand the “why” of what they are doing. Makes more sense that way!
  • They want more from employers: Millennial nurses understand that they owe their best work to their employers, and for that, they expect more from their employers to give their best work. None of the martyr for these nurses.
  • They are not afraid to change jobs: If one job is not working, millennial nurses will not hesitate to change jobs. They know that employers are at will and hence no loyalty is owed.
  • They are innovative: Millennial nurses are quick thinkers and innovative. They think up more ways of doing things faster and effectively than in by-gone days. Millennial nurses do not buy into, “this is how we have always done”. They question (see 1 above) why things cannot be done differently, if the way it has always been done is not working.

  • They seek out opportunities: No wall flowers are these millennial nurses- they seek out opportunities and sometimes even outright ask for them. They do not believe in waiting until they are offered. When they feel they are right for the opportunity, they are unafraid asking for it.
  • They “diversify”: Millennial nurses do not put all their eggs in one basket. They are constantly on the look out for different ways of earnings. Not a bad thing in today’s economy.
  • They are decisive: Millennial nurses recognize their strengths quickly. They do not believe in wasting time and opportunity in sticking to something when it is not working out. They are quick to jump ship and try something different.
  • They want autonomy: Millennial nurses do not like being micro-managed. They want the leader to give the directions and let them work on solving the problem. How else do you expect them to grow when you micro-manage them every step of the way?

Millennial nurses are often misunderstood through the actions of a few bad eggs. Remember, that one bad egg does not ruin all!

It takes a leader who is willing to harness and coach millennial nurses to unleash the power that they hold. When employers fail to invest and take time to harness millennial nurses, the loss is everyone’s!

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