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It is often easy to overlook the importance of having a mentor but choosing the right mentor helps you flourish.  if you do it right and are able to select a mentor whose focus is on your growth and development, then you are doing something right. 

The importance of mentorship in Nursing cannot be overstated. While it is great to have a mentor at where you work, remember that it does not always have to be so.

Advantages of having a mentor

  1. You have someone you can trust to ask questions without feeling silly
  2. Your mentor has had the experience and can help guide you towards avoiding certain pitfalls
  3. Your mentor helps bring new opportunities your way
  4. Your mentor is your coach and motivator for those days when you feel discouraged

A mentor can be a great asset to have, so spend time thinking about someone whom you respect and feel would help guide you. It is of no use to have a mentor that is discouraging or that you feel you are a bother to. Find a good mentor.

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