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Letter from a Burned-Out Nurse

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Dear MNC,

I have only been a registered nurse for one year but I am already burned out by the profession. The constant drama filled situations with other nurses.

-The constant negativity and need to tear each other down

-Management not having your back and ready to throw you under the bus if it would achieve a goal for them. “Friends” looking for a way to tear you down and the ungodly night shift hours. I am so done but feel completely depressed because I don’t know where to turn to now?

I am still young enough (23 years) that I can go back to school and choose another career, but I just feel that means I wasted the years and time spent on nursing.

What do I do?


Depressed Nurse


Letter from a burned-out nurse

Dear Depressed Nurse,

Your letter leaves out some much needed answers but will try to respond as best as possible to your note.

Burn out can happen to anyone and the key is to quickly recognize it and find a solution before it consumes you, which you did!

But before you completely give up on the profession, I would suggest, if you haven’t already done so, to try a different specialty from what you are currently doing. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak to gain new energy.

Find a hobby outside of work to channel yourself and have something fun to look forward. At the end of it all, if you have done all this and still feel that nursing is not the profession forĀ  you, then you will feel better for having given it a chance.

Best of Luck to you!



My Nurse Consultant

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