How to Resign Right

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Resigning right is a good soft skill to know as it can come in handy when you need it most. We have all been there, you accepted a job that you thought was going to be a great fit, only to get into the job and realize that you had made a huge mistake. You don’t want to live a life of having to wake up every single day dreading to go to work, so how do you extricate yourself from that situation without burning bridges.


  1. Proper Resignation- Follow your company’s resignation notice guideline in resigning right. Unless specifically told¬† and in writing not to do so, be sure to work out your full notice and give your 100 percent best as you work out that notice.
  2. Maintain Relationships- Just because you are leaving does not mean that you should burn your relationships, especially the good ones that you have had, so do your best to leave whilst still being on good terms with your co-workers
  3. Don’t Bad-Talk- It is a small world, so unless you know that you will NEVER run into anyone from your previous employment, it is best not to bad talk your previous place. If an exit interview is needed, by all means do give one but be diplomatic about it all.
  4. Have Everything in Writing: There are excellent companies to work for out there, likewise there are companies who are unscrupulous, so be sure to get whatever agreements that you have in writing.
  5. Clear your Desk- Don’t wait till your last day to clear your desk. Clear it out slowly, and this means your e-mail account, voice messages etc. Whatever you do not want another person to have (and it does not interfere with normal company functioning) then be sure to clear it out

And remember, don’t ever feel guilty for resigning. You alone know your life’s journey, so do what you have to do to make that journey better. Just be sure to do it right.

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