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How to Make your Nurses Happy

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How to make your nurses happy provides simple steps on what to do to keep happy nurses and in turn, happy patients

  1. Listen to Your Nurses– Understand that your nurses thrive when you listen to their opinions. You may not be able to act upon every opinion that is given but at least you give them a chance to be heard, which is what 99.9% of nurses want.

2. Treat Every Nurse Fairly: Every nurse deserves to be treated fairly whether or not you agree with what is being said. You may not realize it, but once in a position of leadership (or not), people are very observant of what you do or do not do. Make it a habit to be fair to all your nurses.

3. Treat Every Nurse with Respect: Fairness and respect go hand in hand. When you are fair to your nurses, you automatically want to treat them with respect. Respect is an emotional feeling, a sense of self that every one has. You show you respect nurses, through your interactions and the enforcement of the policies that you have in place.

4. Allow some Autonomy: Allow your nurses some autonomy. What this communicates is that you trust their judgement. This provides even more return for you as autonomy gives them a chance to grow and impress you more.

5. Get Feedback: No one has the lock-down on knowledge. So asking your nurses, especially front-line for feedback is an unspoken way of showing that you understand this and are working with your nurses in trying to see how operations might work out better for all involved.

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