How to Make Nursing In-services Impactful

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Nursing in-services are a requirement for health care facilities and recommended for healthcare workers as a way of continuous improvement and keeping up with the ever changing dynamics of technology and healthcare.

The methods, skills and techniques that worked a few years or even months back, may not necessarily be what works in present day. Therefor as healthcare workers, the responsibility both to our patients and ourselves is to ensure that we are best capable in meeting challenges, situations that arise and if not, that we find ways to meet them.

This article is going to focus on how to make In-Services Impactful for the recipient

Focus based

TheĀ  educational in-services should be focused based. While there may be temptation to cover a lot of topics in a very short time space, avoid it. Using the Pareto Principle, pick the best focus that is bound to have the most impact on care provided. Covering too much information may mean that you are all over the place and no one retains any of the information

Story Telling

Drive home the focus points by using the method of story telling. Story telling only makes it more memorable and while people may not always remember the topic independently, tying it to a story or some memory makes it easier to retain the message of jog the memory into remembering.

Bullet Point Handouts

If you have an in-service blitz, remember that is a more stressful environment and people will retain little to no information. Be sure to have little take-away in bullet format which participants can take along with them and read on their own downtime.

Create Focus Boards

Selecting a high traffic area, create simple boards that Nursing In-servicesreiterate the focus of the in-services keeping it fresh in the minds of the participants. Remember to keep it simple and put only focus points on the board.

Make it Fun

Almost everyone likes to have fun, so make your in-services fun. Your participants are always your customers, so create a nice educational in-service for them. Have finger foods at the ready and make sure that your Clinical Education coordinators makes it a point to mix and interact with participants and be on the ready to respond to questions with no judgment

Do all these and you should ensure that you have a successful and positive filledĀ  in-service for your participants.

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