How Financially Frugal Are You?

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How financially frugal are you? Making plans for retirement should include prudent ways of saving. Nursing is a good profession to make a living and still save. Vacations are great and very necessary but you also have to remember to save for your retirement. Here are some ways to consider

1. Create a Different Account- With this account, what happens is that you schedule a certain amount to be taken out of your salary or pay every pay period. It is best to be automatic, so that way you don’t think about it and it comes out of your account anyway. This savings has a way of adding up.Finacially Frugal

2. Be Mindful of Your spending (expenses)- if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. And always keep receipts for when you do buy it and get back home and find that you didn’t really want it at all.

3. Cut down Costs- Having stuff that you don’t need is simply having money go down the drain. Example, if you only watch cable like twice to thrice weekly, then it does not make sense to keep paying that cable bill. Get rid of it!

4. Buy Quality-  Insanity is trying something and expecting different results. Likewise, if you are going to buy a product that you know would last a long time, be sure to invest in a quality product. It would be senseless to buy an inferior product, watch it break and then go back and re-buy a different product. That is twice the money that you could have spent differently.

Dave Ramsey is a popular author who has some great tips for achieving financial frugal. Take a peek at his site here:

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