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How to Hire Right in the Workplace

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Every company is looking for great talent but not every company is willing to actually do the leg work and invest in the necessary things to recruit and keep these talents. The best hiring decisions that I have made have been those where I went with my gut instincts and really looked at the candidate in question and not just their resume.Hire Right

Five Tips on Hiring Right

  1. Become a conversationalist- Keep your company structured interview by all means, but make sure that you have a conversation with the candidate. When you provide a relaxed atmosphere, candidates will usually relax as well and open up to you ( both for good and bad). Stay non-judgmental but observe and make a note of what you observe because it would greatly help you inĀ  your final selection
  2. Look out for passion- You need the passion for the candidate to succeed. By no means, should the candidate be a martyr but they need to have some sort of passion for the job they applied for otherwise you will find that at the first sign of a hint of difficulty, these employees will usually bail out on you and will not be as invested or committed to their work, after all it is only a pay check.
  3. Communicate your vision to the candidate- No candidate who has applied for a position in your company or organization is too small. Whatever role they play contributes to the whole of your organization. Let that candidate know how their roles add to the company’s visions. A committed and passionate employee will usually step up to play their role in helping your company achieve its visions.
  4. Coach your hiring managers- By no means do you wants automated zombies doing interviews, but if you want to hire right, make sure that your hiring managers understand to add warmth and a personal touch to their interviews. It goes a long way in calming a nervous candidate and building a positive relationship. If you potential employee gets a bad vibe from the interviewer, chances are that relationship will only get worse from there.
  5. Create an experience for your candidates- Like it or not, potential employees/ job applicants are also your customers. What experience you provide during your interview through hiring/on-boarding phase says a lot about your goals and priorities. So create an experience for them- never forget, you are a marketer at All times.

The Perks of Hiring Right

-When you hire right, you won’t have to go through the process of interviewing job applicants constantly.

-When you hire right, your work-place becomes fun where your employees look forward to going to everyday

-When you hire right, the work-place becomes positive and ideas thrive in an atmosphere of positivity

The great thing about hiring right is that the results are reflected positively on your bank statement. If you are willingly and do the heavy loading, in terms of hiring right, proper coaching and investing in your employees, you will reap the rewards of a committed staff who will go the extra mile in making sure that your customers are satisfied.


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