Help! My Supervisor is Way Younger than I am, how do I manage?

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Subject: Help! My Supervisor is Way Younger than I am, how do I manage?

Hello Nurse Consultant,

I recently went through a change of career and picked nursing as my new career. I am of an older generation and in my former life, I was in a management position until a major change.

I recently graduated nursing school and got employed to a Medical Surgical floor. My supervisor on this floor is as young as my eldest child. She is amazing at what she does but I feel a tad resentful taking instructions from her. I recognize that being resentful is unhealthy and not warranted but still cannot help feeling as I do.

Any suggestions to help me get through this hump?

Thank you,

Old Grouch

Dear “Old Grouch”,Help! My Supervisor is Way Younger than I am, how do I manage?

First thing I would say is well done on recognizing that what you feel is unhealthy. You also acknowledged that your supervisor is excellent at what she does, which is another good thing.

Seeing as you were in your past life, one can understand why you may feel the way that you do. But you must understand that it is no one fault most especially your supervisor’s. She earned her position.

The world has changed and you must change with it or become extinct. Try a different approach- get to know your supervisor and you will find that there is respect. I won’t encourage you suppressing those resentful feeling but rather to bring it to the fore and deal with it.

Here is a practical exercise for you, get out a pen and write down what you feel and why you feel that way. Don’t over think it and at the exercise, you will find that your resentments are misguided.

Good luck in your new career and job. You will excel!


My Nurse Consultant

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