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Help! Anxiety attacks before my shifts

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Hello Nurse Consultant,

I am a fairly new grad from nursing school. I have been at my current employment for 15 months now but it is slowly killing me. Before this job and maybe even nursing school, I like to think that I was a well-adjusted person but ever since I have been at this job, I continually feel a sense of anxiety before my shifts. The constant fault finding, snitching on my work etc is getting me depressed. I go home most days almost tearful and when I am at home, all I think about is work and my anxiety about what other “problems” my co-workers may have dug up regarding my job performance. Typing this makes me feel like crying- my family is loving but I am unable to make them understand. I don’t want to be a quitter but should I just quit this job and find another one?

Depressed Nurse


Dear Depressed Nurse,

I am sorry to read the experience that you are going through. No one should ever have to feel anxious about going in to work. Here is my response to you; well done on getting your nursing degree and job. There’s something special in you because you accomplished these yourself. Understand that you are new and also learning, so try not to put undue pressure on yourself to be the best.¬† Not all human beings are in this life to find fault- find that one person at you work-place so you have an ally.

Are any of your co-workers concerns valid? If yes, see what you can do differently; if no, ignore their comments. Make sure you follow nursing guidelines and keep your employee handbook close to you, to ensure  that you are doing what you should. Changing jobs is not always the best in a situation like this because it may end up being the same at the next job and you will feel better for having dealt with it.

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