Get Rid of The “Bad” Employee Quickly

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Getting rid of a bad employee should not be overestimated. All it takes is one bad egg (employee) to infiltrate and destroy a formerly good work place culture. It takes work, time and effort to build a good workplace culture and it takes less effort for a disgruntled employee to destroy that good vibe.

As much as possible, try to “rehab” your “bad” employees as best as you can using different methods specifically tailored to meeting this employee’s needs. But when all else fails, do not hesitate in getting rid of them quickly. They will create and cause more damage than they are worth. You do not need that!

Five Ways to Determine a Bad Employee

  1. They can but are unwilling to learn
  2. They are at the center of most work place disputes
  3. They bad mouth their supervisors, upper management every single chance they get
  4. They influence new employees and not in a positive way
  5. They are very quick to find problems but never offer solutions

This list is not all comprehensive but gives you an idea of what to look out for in a bad employee. When you have determined this, using your workplace employee retention programs, create a plan specifically tailored to the employee and have measurable goals for them in interacting with other employees and building a positive culture.

One of two things will happen- they will either make it or they will not. Sometimes it takes a swift response to preserve the positive culture that you have so painstakingly built. Use it!Get rid of Bad employee Quickly

Have you had an experience with an employee such as that? Share your comments below and what you did to resolve it.

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