Four Ways to Create A Positive Orientation Experience

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Four ways to create a positive orientation experience is a guideline targeted towards employee retention. It is a very true saying that, “knowledge is power” but we need to realize that not all persons are good at impacting knowledge.Knowledge does not translate into being a good instructor!

A good orientation can make or break a new employee- they already have enough to learn, don’t make an already hard situation even harder.

Four Ways to Create a Positive Orientation ExperienceFour Ways to Create a Positive Orientation Experience for Your New Employee

  1. A Good Preceptor- Consider having your preceptors as being voluntary with adequate compensation. Plan ahead with the preceptor, make sure it is acceptable with them. Some people love to teach and make excellent preceptors and best of all are willing, it is these people that should make preceptors.
  2. Make it formal- The best way to make sure that learning/techniques are standardized is to make certain that it is written down. The guidelines have to be reproducible every single time- this best helps new employees on a formal policy or technique to refer too when they are independent and questions arise for them.
  3. The Experience- A good and solid foundation is the best for any new employee- it creates a positive experience and such employees are better firmly grounded and willing to withstand difficulties within the workplace should those happen. A positive past experience (orientation) will make the employee better willing to be loyal to you.
  4. Get Feedback- Make it a point to formally and informally engage with your new Positive orientation experienceemployees. Ask them about their orientation experience, make changes when needed but keep confidential whatever is shared in secret with you otherwise the trust will be broken.

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