Five Ways to Survive in a Toxic Environment

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Much has been said about working in a toxic environment and its effect on your health. But what about if you could not only work in a toxic/hostile environment but thrive in it as well?

Here are 5 tips to thriving in a toxic environment

  1. Understand the worst that can happen: Knowing the worst that can happen, you losing your job, will make you stand up for yourself in a hurry. Since you realize that is the worst that can happen, it tends to give you an added confidence in ways that you may not have imagined. There is a saying that goes, “cowards die many times before their deaths” and the reason for this is simple! The human mind is very fertile and can come up with the worst imaginings, so you already knowing the worst and accepting it makes you feel incredible and willing to take on what comes your way.
  2. Stand Up- Don’t sit, stand up for yourself. A toxic workplace is no different than a school play ground- the bullies pick on those they consider weak. Don’t allow another adult do that to you- it can be very damaging. In spite of your fear, speak out and stand up for yourself. The way to get the most out of this is to speak, in clear measured tone what behavior you consider unacceptable and let it go.
  3. Document: If you think that you are ever going to need it, then keep good notes of all occurrences, the behavior or behaviors that occurred, participants, what actions you took …everything you would need to bring that situation to life.
  4. Human Resources: Still feeling confident? Take the matter down to human resources sharing your concerns, feelings and making sure to get a copy of what ever action that was taken
  5. Get friendly & ┬áSocialize: You are building your “team” here. Get friendlier and make it a point to interact with a different co-worker during your lunch breaks. Go to the desks or offices, meet with them and if they let you, find out what makes them tick. With this strategy, you are doing two things- becoming more visible and secondly building you a portfolio of support.
    Toxic Work place

    No to toxic Workplace

You have decided you will no longer be the victim of a toxic work place so rather than turn tail and run, you have decided to fight back. You will come out a stronger and more confident person knowing what you will or will not accept. This is the new age, stop giving in to work place toxicity!

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