Five Tips on How NOT to Hate your job

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At one point of the other in our working lives we have all been there. We get hired on to this really amazing job and then for one reason or the other, we find out that it was not what we had expected it to be. So how do you deal with that? It is not impossible, but you can turn a bad situation into an acceptable one. Loving your job

Here are 5 Tips on how not to hate your job

  1. Understand that it is just a job- Stop being so emotionally invested into the job. The job is there to serve one thing- an avenue of escape and a means to pay your bills. You would need to get un-emotional about it in order to put things in perspective
  2. Your owe it to yourself to put forth your best work- Reverse that false mindset that your owe your employer your best. You do have to do your best but only to yourself. Stop setting unrealistic expectations that would only set you up for failure.
  3. Take it one day at a time- As Dale Carnegie said, “live in day tight compartments”! Don’t be in today and start trying to solve tomorrow’s problem- you are only going to stress yourself out at work. Do the very best for today that would roll over into preparations for tomorrow but try not to worry about tomorrow even before it had a chance to arrive.
  4. Leave work at work: One you sign off for the day, let work be work matters. Set limits and follow those limits. if work is only your solace, you are going to attach too much importance to it and get stressed out after a while, so leave work at work.
  5. Find a Routine, then outdo yourself: Be methodical about work. Each day, pick a task and then try to outdo yourself on that job performance. It can be something as simple as being faster in your documentation process. When you engage yourself in this way, you have so mush time to be productive and so little time to ponder on whether or not your hate your job.How not to hate your job

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