Five Healthy Ways to Cope with Nursing

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We are all each unique individuals- there are no rigid paths set for everyone. We must all find and follow our paths, true, but sometimes there are also helpful ways to guide us along while we determine these set paths. Here are five healthy ways to cope when feeling overwhelmed with nursing

Nursing stress

Coping with work stress

  1. Have a Social Life- By all means, have trusted family members or friends, people that you can rely on and feel free to be yourself around them. Working in nursing with all its cliques, can sometimes be a bit overwhelming but knowing that you can a support system can often help you through those trying moments.
  2. Get a Hobby- Read a book, go running, plant a garden, write a book… the list is endless but the truth still holds the same. Find a hobby or avenue of release that you are comfortable doing and enjoy. This serves as a solace and downtime for you when you are not at work. It helps you de-stress.
  3. Journal:  Not everyone is good at story telling but we are all good at telling our stories to ourselves. A journal can serve as that medium for you. When you are unable to deal with a work situation or unsure how to discuss it with another person, find your journal and pour your unvarnished thoughts into that- the action of simply putting pen to paper and writing out your worries lifts a heavy burden.
  4. Understand that it is not always all about you- Don’t be quick to put the blame on yourself when it comes to work issues. Sometimes it is not what you do, no matter how well you think you did it. It could simply be the other person. As humanly possible, don’t let it get to you.
  5. Walk Away- When you have tried your possible best and it nothing worked, give yourself permission to walk away. This is one life to live- there is no duplicate neither is this life a test-run for another. So walk away. It may seem overwhelming but just as it is darkest before dawn, you will also find something that you love doing and would do it well and happily to your eternal peace of mind.

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