Everyone is Responsible for a Positive Work Culture

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A Positive work culture is one which is full of trust and creates a warm atmosphere for everyone to grow. A positive culture is NOT entirely dependent on employers alone; employees also have a stake in creating a positive work culture where your team mates want to work as well and grow.

Four Tips on Creating a Positive Work Culture

  1. Be welcoming- As an employee, go proactive. Reach out and welcome new employees to the fold. You don’t have to become best buddies, but you can help make the transition into a new work place easier for the new person

    Positive work Culture

  2. Keep Gossip to a Minimum: Gossip will always happen, so saying no to it completely is not a sensible thing. As much as possible, keep away from hurtful gossip, if you must gossip, find something to say that will be encouraging to another and not ill gossip.
  3. Build Each Other Up: A good way to quickly create a positive work culture is to learn how to become a builder of your co-worker. Find ways to build on your co-worker’s strengths. Everyone has their strength of which they are good at and all it take is for someone to find it. so why not be that person and find that strength to build up your co-worker.
  4. Smile: A little smile goes a long way and costs nothing. You may not always be in the very best frame of mind and that it totally okay but remember that a smile is contagious and everyone feels drawn to a person who smiles and feels happy.  Be one of those and make your work place, a positive one.

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