Dare to Do it in spite of your fear

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Dare to do it, in spite of your fear is a phrase that should resonate with us all.We all feel fear-it is a natural human response. What is different amongst us is how we choose to respond to that fear. Some people become paralyzed with the fear and thus remain in the same position, others become motivated by their fears and choose to push forward through those fears. So our responses really is what differentiates us from staying or moving forward.

Starting as a new graduate in nursing (even if you had previously been in a different field) can be daunting, but you need to stop and remind yourself of why you chose to go into nursing in the first place. You do not need to justify your reasons with anyone- they are yours and yours alone and yes, nursing is a profession.

Find a group of like minded people who can motivate you on those low days, while still remembering that you ultimately are responsible for your outcome. Stop giving away your power to fear. The first time you do something that scares you, you feel afraid but also immense power because you realize that you have been holding yourself captive in a place where you have all the power.

Fear can be one of two thing, if you allow it. It could be a powerful motivator or a detractor- the choice lies with you. Is there something at the back of your mind that you have constantly thought of doing but continue to keep buried for reasons that you keep making up. If the reasons are not valid, realize that those thoughts are powerful and are holding you back and choose to take action in spite of your fear.

I once had a situation of where I needed to make a presentation in front of a large class. For several days to this event, I fretted about the presentation and constantly worked on my presentations. My thought process was maybe if I had all my ducks in a row then I would be more confident, which helped some but not a whole lot. What helped was me realizing that it all depended on me. Was I going to let the fear of whatever it was hold me back or would I choose to swallow my fear, be brave and make that presentation. I chose the latter and it was the beginning of a great many presentations. I still have the voice shakes, every now and then, but I also came out on top because in the defining moment, I realized that I was very capable.

And so are you! Regardless of whatever negative self talks you may have given yourself, you are stronger than you know, so before you decide to walk away from that project or give it all up, try just one more time and this time, do it in spite of your fear.Dare to do it

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