Building Up Your Nurse Managers

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True leadership is one which you don’t allow your insecurity come into play when dealing with your nursing staff.  Nurse managers, it is okay for your nursing staff to respectfully disagree with you.

Your nursing staff are adults who went to school to study and earn their degrees, so give them a chance to make use of their critical thinking skills and blossom. The number one reason why morale is low or the culture of a workplace is ruined is because of too much bureaucracy.

When you properly equip your nursing staff with the right tools and give them the permission to succeed, they will blow your expectations away, every single time.

Permission to Fly

When you allow this, what you have done is allow your nursing staff becoming actively engaged. No longer are they moving through the motions like zombies but now, their minds and selves are actively engaged and they want to excel and feel like they are contributing to the solution.

Fearful and insecure managers try to dim the candles of their nursing staff because they feel threatened. But a true nurse manager will pave the way for her nursing staff to flourish because when they do, it reflects positively on her and she understands that she is doing a bigger thing in the lives of her nursing staff.

Nurse managers, never underestimate the influence you have over your nursing staff. Some may pretend to be nonchalant, but all it takes is recognition from you that you see them for them to flourish.

Training should be ongoing for nurse managers in how to deal with the emotional intelligence when it relates to their nursing staff. The clinical matters and is important but it is not always about the clinical matters- the emotional side plays a very important role in maintaining a pleasant work place.

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