How to avoid burn out As A Nurse

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Burn-out is  a very real experience in nursing so how do you keep yourself from that?

Follow these steps

  1. Invest in yourself- Remember that it is you and only you that really understands what you need physically and mentally. Take time to invest in yourself.
  2. Have down-times- Relaxation is a job in itself, so remember to disengage completely from society and go somewhere to replenish the strength and energy you have used up during your work week.
  3. Bond with a buddy- Find someone that you can trust and also understands a bit about the life of a nurse or health care worker. Having similar or shared experiences makes the job easier to bear.
  4. Learn to say no- Before or even when you get to the end of your rope, learn to say no. It is only a two letter word but it carries a lot of leverage. Try it out sometime.

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