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It’s Abuse Not Burn-out

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Abuse not Burn-out!

If you are yelled at, it’s abuse not burn-out

If you are bullied at work; it’s abuse not burn-out

If you supervisor or co-worker verbally harasses you; it is abuse not burn-out

If you have unsafe patient load; it’s abuse not burn-out Abuse not burn out

Let us recognize abuse for what it is and not confuse it with burn-out. If as healthcare workers , we advocate for our patients, we should certainly be able to use the same parameter to recognize abuse and advocate for ourselves.

Abuse is debilitating- recognize it for what it is and stand up against it. it may be just one of you at the very beginning but for every one moment that you stand up against abuse, you grow stronger and soon it becomes a movement.

If you don’t speak out against abuse, who will? Abusers are usually coward and what it takes is for you to stand up just once. You may not be liked for it- but you will be respected for it.

Say no to abuse, not just for your patients but for yourself as well, you owe you that much. And if you won’t do it for you- do it for the people that will one day be in your position.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Abuse Not Burn-out
  1. Sarah

    Sometimes the abuse is insidious, it sneaks up on you and by the time you realize what is happening you are too beaten down to advocate for yourself.

    1. My Nurse Consultant

      Absolutely right, Sarah! That is how it usually is- we try to rationalize until we can no longer discern between the two.


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