Month: September 2017

An Orientation Can Make or Break your New Employee

After you have invested time, effort and money to recruit a new employee then you owe it to yourself and your new employee to make sure that they have the best orientation or on-boarding that they need to properly settle into being your new employee and doing their best job.



Many a times, employers hire new employees and do the injustice of having them go through a shoddy orientation process that does little to nothing in immersing that new employee into the culture of the organization and letting them know things they need to know about the way the organization works.

Employers are neglectful in failing to understand that their best asset are their employees. When you have happy employees who are loyal, they would usually go the extra mile in making sure that your customers are satisfied.

Create a great welcome/ on-boarding experience for your new hires- they are adults who have chosen to work for you. Make it easier on them! A good orientation is a a first window into how your organization works and if you do it right, then you would create a situation for loyal employees.

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How to Survive in a Toxic Work Environment

Not all work places are healthy and while that is not okay, you can learn to deal with it, even thrive in it. The first and most important thing that you need to understand is that it is not about it. Working in a toxic work environment is not something that you create- it takes a culture of repeatedly ignoring bad practices, or toxic employees for a a work place to become toxic.

Toxic Wokrplace

Here are 5 steps to follow

  1. Be cordial to everyone- Do not ever pick sides, this has a way of backfiring. Stay cordial with everyone and keep your business your business.
  2. Find an Ally- While you don’t want to divulge your private life or secrets to anyone, you do want to find an ally, that you get along with. A Toxic work place can be detrimental to any person, so having that one person that you get along with well, would help alleviate the toxicity of that environment until you are able to find different employment
  3. Take Notes- Keep notes of incidences that occur, you never k ow when you might be called upon to give testimony or that you may need it yourself.
  4. Do your best job- A toxic work environment while very depressing should not give you room to slacken off on your work. Do not anyone any reason to question your work or use that against you.
  5. Find Another job- Actively looking for another job has a way of giving you peace of mind. This is true because it lets you know that you have taken control and are working on getting yourself out of your current position. Do not let a bad work place negatively affect you or your peace of mind. It is never worth it and it is the loss of employers who do not know how to properly manage their company to keep toxicity out of their work place.
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