Month: September 2017

Doctors Versus Nurses

Doctors versus Nurses “battle”.  Doctors are important for what they do. Nurses are important for what they do. Together the two can work together in synergistic efforts. Neither side should be downplayed but either side need to understand its level of importance. Bottom line is for both sides to work together.  we can all co-exist happily. Enough of the rhetoric- it never helped anyone.

Impossible as it may seem, it does take a team to grow.

doctors versus nursesNo such thing as Doctors vs Nurses!

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When You Are Intimidated by Your Employee

Intimated by your employee? Don’t be…
Intimidated by Your Employee

The goal of a good supervisor is to hire the best candidate possible for the available position, at least, that is the intent which does not always turn out to be the reality. As a human being with natural emotions, you may sometimes feel intimidated by an employee with exceptional talents but try not to allow that get to you. Understand that you, as the hiring manager are special because it was through your intuition and wealth of experience that you were able to make the call to hire that candidate.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to dim that employee’s light so that your light can be the best shining. It is okay to all shine together, in fact, that is what you should strive for because by having an your skills mix up with those of your employee, you create a synergistic effort for the greater good of your company as a whole.

If you have ever worried that your employee’s bright light would dim yours, you shouldn’t. The time to worry would be when you notice these signs (watch out for the next post on ways to know that your employee is gunning for your job!)

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How to know it is time for a job change

Job change happens to everyone of us at one time or another in life. When to KNOW when to change jobs is what keeps us back sometimes. At some point in our lives, the job or position that gave us the most joy no longer does and it becomes time to move on. But change is hard, even for the best of us, but we have to realize that to grow and exceed our current level, we need change. Not just change in any direction but a positive and focused change.

But how we do know when it is that time to change jobs or position? You will know, because your gut instinct will tell you.

Five Ways to Know that it is time to move on

  1. Restlessness: You become restless and discontent. Your job no longer challenges you and you are beginning to yearn for something different and more challenging.
  2. Lack of Attention to Detail- When you no longer care about your job or the results that you bring in, then you must know that it is time to move on. It is a disservice to yourself and your company when you do not care if you meet deadlines or not or if the product quality is as it should be. Time to move on.
  3. No Satisfaction- You achieved a milestone at your company or attained a goal, but you did not even acknowledge it or celebrate. It has become so common place that it is no longer mentally challenging to you and you do not care.Time to change jobs
  4. Your Peers have moved on- If the people who started off in the same position with you are no longer there but have moved on to bigger and better, then you need to evaluate your life’s goals and what it is that you truly want in life.
  5. Illness- When you begin to dread going to work or to fall ill at work, nine times out of ten, it is not the company air. It is your gut instinct manifesting itself as illness to get you to physically do what your unconscious mind has already told you. Get moving. Find another job, another challenge that takes you to where you need to be. Life is all about choices and you can choose not to remain in a position that you no longer find stimulating or challenging. We need to learn to take charge and shoot for something different even when we are most afraid.
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Five Tips on How NOT to Hate your job

At one point of the other in our working lives we have all been there. We get hired on to this really amazing job and then for one reason or the other, we find out that it was not what we had expected it to be. So how do you deal with that? It is not impossible, but you can turn a bad situation into an acceptable one. Loving your job

Here are 5 Tips on how not to hate your job

  1. Understand that it is just a job- Stop being so emotionally invested into the job. The job is there to serve one thing- an avenue of escape and a means to pay your bills. You would need to get un-emotional about it in order to put things in perspective
  2. Your owe it to yourself to put forth your best work- Reverse that false mindset that your owe your employer your best. You do have to do your best but only to yourself. Stop setting unrealistic expectations that would only set you up for failure.
  3. Take it one day at a time- As Dale Carnegie said, “live in day tight compartments”! Don’t be in today and start trying to solve tomorrow’s problem- you are only going to stress yourself out at work. Do the very best for today that would roll over into preparations for tomorrow but try not to worry about tomorrow even before it had a chance to arrive.
  4. Leave work at work: One you sign off for the day, let work be work matters. Set limits and follow those limits. if work is only your solace, you are going to attach too much importance to it and get stressed out after a while, so leave work at work.
  5. Find a Routine, then outdo yourself: Be methodical about work. Each day, pick a task and then try to outdo yourself on that job performance. It can be something as simple as being faster in your documentation process. When you engage yourself in this way, you have so mush time to be productive and so little time to ponder on whether or not your hate your job.How not to hate your job
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Five Ways to Survive in a Toxic Environment

Much has been said about working in a toxic environment and its effect on your health. But what about if you could not only work in a toxic/hostile environment but thrive in it as well?

Here are 5 tips to thriving in a toxic environment

  1. Understand the worst that can happen: Knowing the worst that can happen, you losing your job, will make you stand up for yourself in a hurry. Since you realize that is the worst that can happen, it tends to give you an added confidence in ways that you may not have imagined. There is a saying that goes, “cowards die many times before their deaths” and the reason for this is simple! The human mind is very fertile and can come up with the worst imaginings, so you already knowing the worst and accepting it makes you feel incredible and willing to take on what comes your way.
  2. Stand Up- Don’t sit, stand up for yourself. A toxic workplace is no different than a school play ground- the bullies pick on those they consider weak. Don’t allow another adult do that to you- it can be very damaging. In spite of your fear, speak out and stand up for yourself. The way to get the most out of this is to speak, in clear measured tone what behavior you consider unacceptable and let it go.
  3. Document: If you think that you are ever going to need it, then keep good notes of all occurrences, the behavior or behaviors that occurred, participants, what actions you took …everything you would need to bring that situation to life.
  4. Human Resources: Still feeling confident? Take the matter down to human resources sharing your concerns, feelings and making sure to get a copy of what ever action that was taken
  5. Get friendly &  Socialize: You are building your “team” here. Get friendlier and make it a point to interact with a different co-worker during your lunch breaks. Go to the desks or offices, meet with them and if they let you, find out what makes them tick. With this strategy, you are doing two things- becoming more visible and secondly building you a portfolio of support.
    Toxic Work place

    No to toxic Workplace

You have decided you will no longer be the victim of a toxic work place so rather than turn tail and run, you have decided to fight back. You will come out a stronger and more confident person knowing what you will or will not accept. This is the new age, stop giving in to work place toxicity!

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